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Investment and Wealth Management Consultants



A & A Partnerz are Investment Consultants working with FCA, EBA/ESMA and FINRA registered financial traders and principals. Together with our strategic partners and associates who work directly with the top Global Banks and Development Foundations, the Partnership is in a unique position to allocate investment portfolios and secure financing programs for our clients.  Our work is mainly focused on low risk high yielding wealth  enhancement  private  transactions in Europe and Asia-Pacific while generating funding for both commercial development and humanitarian projects.



The Partnership :


       >  provides initial due diligence to pre-qualify clients intending to participate in forementioned

          transactions prior to submission to designated officers.


      >  accepts collateral capital deposits or financial instruments from both personal (HNWI) and corporate



       >  through our exclusive financial network, is able to arrange "monatization" against financial        

          instruments collateral such as bank guarantees, letters of credit and medium term notes


       >  has direct access to bankers and financial managers who provide Internationall Trust and/or Notary

          accounts to ensure fiduciary BASEL II + III regulatory and tax compliance.


       >  is jointly participating with Offshore Trusts for Family Office investor clients seeking longterm

          financial security and legacy for their heirs.



The Partnership has over 50 years of combined experience in trading, investment banking and project funding.  We are therefore able to effectively secure the best terms for investors and clients.



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